Ideas To Commemorate The Passing Of A Pet

The death of a well loved pet is a difficult thing to deal with. Over time our animal companions become so much more than a mere pet – they install themselves in our hearts and become part of our families. That is why many people feel that it is so important to honor their pets after their passing with some form of memorial or keepsake.

Commemorative Headstones & Markers

One of the most common memorials for our pets is to purchase a headstone or marker for them. Just like human grave marker, these are available in stone, marble, granite or slate and can be engraved with their name and an epitaph. Whether or not you actually bury your pet, a headstone or marker can be a great way to memorialize them. Some people choose flat stones which can be incorporated into garden paths while others opt for a rock to place in a flowerbed. The markers need not be kept outdoors, some individuals opt for smaller markers to display indoors on a shelf or mantle.

Glass Cremation Ornaments

A lot of pet owners choose to have the animal cremated at the end of its life. It is then possible to have the remains used to make a beautiful ornament. The ashes are encapsulated in glass of varying colors to create an ornament, pendant or other keepsake. This is a great way to ensure that your beloved companion is with you at all times.

Commission Some Artwork

A beautiful way to honor the life of your pet is to have a sketch or painting commissioned by an artist. Artist can work with photographs as a reference to create a lovely likeness of your pet. There are many choices to consider including ink, pencil, charcoal, pastels and water colors. Some artists will also be willing to mix a cremated pets ashes with the paint so that they are preserved in the paint itself. A portrait is a lovely way of remembering a treasured friend after their death.

These are just a small selection of ideas on how to memorialize your pet when they pass away. There are countless other options available including jewelry, photo blankets, scrapbook albums, keepsake boxes, urns, plaques and even statuettes. It is best to choose something that will spark happy memories of the companionship you shared as this will really help you with the grieving process. There is no reason why you should not put as much thought into a pet’s afterlife as you would into a human’s.